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Building Strength & Stamina (Third Edition) The Ultimate Interval and Circuit Training Manual (Second Edition)
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Our Price: $44.95
Building Strength and Stamina, 3rd edition, presents training protocols and conditioning programs for increasing muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance in men and women of various ages and fitness levels. This new edition offers a total of 588 interval workouts (60 more than the first edition) plus several new features including sections on circuit training (with a total of 170 circuit workouts, including large group and minimal equipment circuits) and a comprehensive exercise catalog with 875 exercises.
ACSM's Career and Business Guide for the Fitness Professional 101 Programming Strategies for Engaging Members in Health/Fitness Clubs
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Our Price: $19.95
The book is designed to be very practical and provides forms and succinct how-to instructions for successful business planning. A club or facility without programming is like a smart phone that canít access the Internetóit may look cool and sound cool, but if it canít get you connected, what good is it? Since programming is intertwined with so many aspects of a club or facilityís success (e.g., sales, retention, and revenue), it behooves operators to embrace the concept of programming and to identify programming strategies that will fuel the success of their brand.
Kettle Yoga Going Global: An Expertís Guide to Working Abroad in the International Fitness Industry
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
Going Global: An Expert’s Guide to Working Abroad in the International Fitness Industry
KettleYoga is a unique, fun way to train! The KettleYoga workout combines the best of two great practices: the balance and stretching aspects of yoga and the strength and endurance benefits of kettlebell workouts.

If youíre currently working overseas or contemplating working overseas in the fitness field, everything you need to know can be found in this book. Based on Fred Hoffmanís firsthand experience working in almost 50 countries on six continents, this indispensable guide covers everything from finding what opportunities are actually out there to critical cultural sensitivity and etiquette.