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Surviving Disordered Eating: One Bite at a Time Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy
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Written by an eating disorder survivor and a licensed clinical professional counselor, this book offers practical tips and strategies for anyone recovering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or other forms of disordered eating. It is also a useful resource for parents, other family members, friends, teachers, mental health and medical professionals.

Barbi Webber, BSW, CHWC, received her bachelor’s degree in social work from The University of Montana and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Barbi is a survivor of anorexia and bulimia. For more than 30 years, she has mentored individuals suffering from disordered eating. She brings motivation inspired by the positive behavioral skills she created to find her own way out of an eating disorder. Barbi is a motivational speaker on behalf of body image and eating disorder education, awareness, and prevention from a survivor’s point of view.

Carrie Thiel, MA, LCPC, has been a mental health counselor since earning her MA from The University of Montana in 2010. She opened a private practice in Kalispell, Montana, that same year, and continues to operate it currently. Before becoming a counselor, Carrie taught high school English for 13 years. In addition to earning a BA in English from The University of Montana in 1995, Carrie also obtained an MAT degree from Grand Canyon University in 2002. Carrie’s professional interest in eating disorders grew as a result of supporting her daughter through recovery from anorexia more than 10 years ago. As a teacher, she helped develop a program for at-risk youth and cowrote curriculum used in the program. Carrie has published essays, book reviews, and poetry in various magazines and journals.
Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy is a guide to invigorating your internal Ki energy flow through a unique sequence of 12 movements (MBX-12) targeting the 12 meridian energy channels. MBX-12 brings together mindful movement and deep breathing to create an active form of moving meditation.

As you learn the exercises that make up the MBX-12 routine, you'll develop an understanding of the mindfulness practice principles of attention, centering and release. Sang H. Kim introduces the movements of MBX with step-by-step practice guidance, focal points, self-assessment criteria, wellness applications and detailed explanations of how mindful movement influences your inner energy flow. You'll also learn 13 MBX Mudras, symbolic hand movements that activate the 6 meridians in the hand and affect energy flow across the body.

Throughout the book, short readings introduce you to the four pillars of energy transformation: mindfulness, movement, breath, and meridians. For experienced mind-body practitioners, MBX-12 is an excellent supplement to other mindful movement practice such as Yoga, Taichi, and Qigong. MBX-12 integrates your moving body with your breath, redirects energy flow along the 12 meridians, and unites the mind with all in the present.
Delicious Diabetic Recipes: The Gourmet Cookbook for a Healthy Life One Heart, Two Feet
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Meet Rani Polak: a unique combination of medical doctor and Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef. More and more people--even very young children--are being diagnosed with diabetes. Fortunately there's a solution: sufferers can live longer, healthier lives just by changing the way they eat--and that's surprisingly easy with ""Doctor Chef"" Rani Polak's groundbreaking cookbook. It's like a Joy of Cooking for diabetics, with superb recipes even gourmets will savor. With these dishes, there's no compromising on either taste or health. From Roast Sirloin with Mediterranean Mushroom Sauce to Fresh Melon Salad with Plum Granita and Mint, the whole family will happily dig in and no one will feel they are eating diet food. Stunningly illustrated and all in color, this is the one cookbook you'll want if you have a diabetic in the family. Bonus: Smart cooking techniques, advice on using spices, food suggestions for diabetic kids, complete family meals, and even tasty pastas and yummy desserts--so no one need ever feel deprived. Plus, this has the current American Diabetes Association Exchange Charts and the lowdown on carb counting--an important new way to manage blood glucose levels by watching the number of grams of carbohydrates in your diet, being careful about portion size, and balancing the carbs with protein and fat. These two methods, together, are the best way to stay on target.
Finally a scientific resource in lay terms; includes current research; practical walking programs; heart disease & diabetes risk reduction strategies
ASCEND’s Guide to Nutrition and a Healthy Life: Arm Yourself With the Facts “Eat Your Vegetables” and Other Mistakes Parents Make: Redefining How to Raise Healthy Eaters
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From weight control principles to myths and misunderstandings about losing weight, this book is designed as a must-have resource for anyone who wants to safely lose weight and keep it off. Eat Your Vegetables and Other Mistakes Parents Make: Redefining How to Raise Healthy Eaters affords parents a foolproof way to assure healthful nutrition and activity for kids of all ages. Parents will learn not only what exactly constitutes a healthy eating plan and approach to physical activity at various ages and stages, but also the tips and tricks to get kids to actually want to eat healthy and be active.